Level 3 Certificate in Coaching for Team Leaders and First Line Managers  Management Training Course
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Management Training Course

ILM Level 3

Level 3 Certificate in Coaching for Team Leaders and First Line Managers



Coaching, used properly, is a highly effective way of helping individuals to develop their performance to very high standards. Team leaders and first line managers who have successfully completed an ILM Level 3 Coaching programme can feel confident of their ability to coach professionally. Their employing organisations can benefit from the effective and efficient use of their time.


Length of Course

Minimum 24 guided learning hours, excluding assessment, which may take from two weeks to a maximum of one year to complete


Who Should Attend

The ILM Level 3 Certificate in Coaching for Team Leaders and First Line Managers is designed for those team leaders and first line managers who have responsibility for developing their team members.

The focus of the qualification is on using coaching as an improvement tool, helping team leaders and first line managers to pass on their experience and expertise to others.

This course is for individuals or for an organisation.


Entry Qualifications

Candidates will be team leaders or first line managers and should normally have successfully completed a programme leading to an ILM Level 2 qualification in Team Leading or Level 3 qualification in First Line Management, or equivalent, or have several years experience of working in an appropriate role.


Course Content

Mentoring and coaching can be powerful tools for developing this leadership capability but only if the mentors and coaches possess the high-level knowledge, skills and personal qualities required to operate at this level.

Leadership developers, consultants and senior executives who have completed this programme will be better able to act as mentors and executive coaches for senior managers and others wishing to become more effective leaders.


Course Units

  • G1: Coaching Skills and Standards
  • G1.1: Good practice in coaching
  • G1.2: Learning styles and barriers to learning
  • G1.3: Evaluate and plan the use of resources
  • G1.5: Record and assess learning
  • G2: The Coaching Process for Managers
  • G2.1: Agree learning goals for coaching
  • G2.2: Plan a coaching programme
  • G2.3: Undertake coaching in the workplace.


Method of Assessment

A Work-based Assignment, based on the first Module and a reflective Coaching Diary based on the second Module