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New Course

People as a Resource



This course forms part of the Management portfolio of UFI/learndirect.


Length of Course

3 hours





Who Should Attend

The course is relevant to individuals who currently lead a team or would like to become a supervisor, team leader or line manager.


Course Content

Introduction - outlines what the unit covers and how it’s structured; introduces the case study company that is used throughout the unit to illustrate key points.

Basic Principles - unit looks at the role of people as a resource in the workplace and provides techniques for getting the best out of them.

Allocating and Scheduling Work - covers the allocation of work to specific team members efficiently by defining SMART objectives for team members, whilst looking at how to prioritise and schedule work activities to achieve the team's and/or organisation’s objectives.

Identifying Staffing Needs - looks at the need to recruit and factors influencing staffing needs for needing to recruit.

Action Plan - summarises what’s been covered in the unit and gives learners the opportunity to download an Action Plan outlining how they intend to apply their new found knowledge to their own workplace.


Method of Assessment



Learning Outcomes

Understand the role of people as a resource
Appreciate what it means to manage people
Be familiar with the techniques of managing people
Know how to allocate work to your team
Know how to help your team achieve objectives
Know how to manage resource requirements of your team
Be able to monitor and manage staff turnover levels of your team