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New Course

Problem-Solving Skills



This course forms part of the Management portfolio of UFI/learndirect.


Length of Course

5 hours





Who Should Attend

The course is relevant to individuals who currently lead a team or would like to become a supervisor, team leader or line manager.


Course Content

The ability to solve problems skilfully, both at work and on a personal level, is a tremendous asset to have. In the Problem-Solving Skills segment you'll learn to: recognise the existence, nature and scope of a problem; identify relevant objectives; identify options for resolving the problem; evaluate the effectiveness of available options; recommend an optimum solution within the circumstances; monitor and review the chosen solution to ensure that the objectives are achieved.


Method of Assessment



Learning Outcomes

Recognise existence, nature and scope of problems
Be able to identify relevant objectives
Be able to identify options for resolving problems
Know how to evaluate effectiveness of options
Be able to analyse and recommend optimum solution
Be able to monitor and review potential solutions