ILM Endorsed Level 3 Sales and Marketing Management Management Training Course
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Management Training Course

ILM Endorsed

ILM Endorsed Level 3 Sales and Marketing Management



The workshop is intended for delegates and team leaders who have the responsibility for marketing and selling organisational products.

Mapped to National Occupational Standards B6 & D3


Length of Course

Two Days

Tutorial Information Pack will be provided to support learning outcomes.


Who Should Attend

This course is for individuals or for an organisation.


Course Content

This workshop will enable delegates to:

  • Analyse the current methods of product and service management in their organisation
  • Analyse the current methods of marketing and selling in their organisation
  • Recommend changed to both strategies to improve effectiveness


Course Units

  • Application of the concept of product life cycles
  • Stages of marketing
  • Ways to test market reaction to products
  • Concepts of marketing and selling
  • The marketing mix
  • Range of marketing tools and activities
  • Range of sales techniques and sales management


Method of Assessment

Reflective Review to ILM set marking strategy