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New Course

Planning to Recruit



This course forms part of the Management portfolio of UFI/learndirect.


Length of Course

4 hours





Who Should Attend

The course is relevant to individuals who currently lead a team or would like to become a supervisor, team leader or line manager.


Course Content

Recruiting and retaining good employees is a matter of planning and this course explains how to save time and money by sourcing and selecting the right people the first time! From conducting a Job Analysis to producing a comprehensive Job Description, Planning to Recruit covers all aspects of recruitment, including legal constraints and creating an effective job advertisement.


Method of Assessment



Learning Outcomes

Understand organisational recruitment policies
Understand the legal aspects of recruitment
Carry out a job analysis relevant to own area of responsibility
Prepare a job description for a post within own area of responsibility
Prepare a person specification for a post within own area of responsibility
Select the optimum method to attract suitable applicants
Know how to use appropriate selection methods