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New Course

Building the Team



This course forms part of the Management portfolio of UFI/learndirect.


Length of Course

4 hours 





Who Should Attend

The course is relevant to individuals who currently lead a team or would like to become a supervisor, team leader or line manager.


Course Content

Building the Team identifies the seven key components of an effective team and shows you how to recognise the symptoms of a dysfunctional team. The course guides you through the four stages of team development.

  • Forming (how to bring the right team together)
  • Storming (how to deal with friction in your team)
  • Norming (how to manage a team as its members settle into their new roles)
  • Performing (how to ensure your team continues to work together as a unit to achieve the goals you set).


Method of Assessment



Learning Outcomes

Recognise the difference between groups and teams
Identify the stages of development of teams
Recognise current development stage of team
Define team roles, apply to build effective team