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New Course




This course forms part of the Management portfolio of UFI/learndirect.


Length of Course

4 hours





Who Should Attend

The course is relevant to individuals who currently lead a team or would like to become a supervisor, team leader or line manager.


Course Content

This course explains the "Four Ps" of marketing - product, price, place and promotion - and explores the ways in which effective marketing can win loyal customers for your business. The learner will be shown how to analyse the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing a business and how to select an appropriate marketing strategy to identify, anticipate and satisfy customer needs profitably.


Method of Assessment



Learning Outcomes

Understand the marketing concept and its relevance
Be able to conduct SWOT & PESTLE to analyse market
Understand role of markets, customers and competition
Define market planning, segmentation and promotion
Appreciate the role of public and customer relation